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4333 Mayfield Road, South Euclid, Ohio 44121

On line Deli

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Baked goods:
Panettone cakes
Pandoro cakes
La Florentine Torrone candy
Perugina chocolates

Pecorino romano cheese (both piece & grated)
Grated pecorino romano cheese 5# bulk pack
Sharp provolone cheese
Reggiano parmiggiano cheese


Genoa salami
Dry sausage
Margherita pepperoni sticks
Margahrita pepperoni 5# package 

Colossal black olives
Green jumbo olives
Castelevetrano olives
Sun dried black olives

Prices quoted at time of order depending product sizes.
Plus UPS shipping charges.

Party planning:
Catering available with delivery if needed

All credit cards accepted:
Master card, Visa, American Express, Discover